Birchwood Wooden Spoon and Fork
Birchwood Wooden Spoon and Fork
Birchwood Wooden Spoon and Fork
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Birchwood Wooden Spoon and Fork

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Our premium quality spoons and forks are designed to be ultra-strong for all your dining needs. Made from birchwood, 100% plastic-free and compostable. A 100% eco-friendly choice for our eco-warriors.

  • Ultra-strong
  • Made from birchwood
  • Certified compostable


Birchwood spoons are made from birchwood, which is a type of hardwood derived from the birch tree. They are certified compostable and environmentally friendly.

Birchwood forks are versatile and can be used to enjoy a variety of dishes such as salads, pasta, desserts, and more. Their sturdy construction makes them suitable for various dining options.

These disposable birchwood spoons and forks are intended for one-time use. However, due to their exceptional quality and durability, you can use them multiple times without any issues.

Yes, Our Birchwood Spoon and Fork are water repellent in nature. They are not only water repellent but also heat resistant, allowing you to enjoy your hot as well as cold food without any worry.

Composting is a natural process where organic materials break down in the soil, enriching it with nutrients. Food scraps, leaves, wood, and more can all be composted. Interestingly, our birchwood forks are also certified as compostable. To compost at home, simply add our forks to your compost pile, along with some twigs or leaves, and let it decompose. Our forks compost within 90-180 days. Once the compost is ready, you can blend it with your backyard soil for enrichment. If you lack a backyard, you can place all your compostable materials in a designated compost bin. If it eventually reaches a landfill, the compost will naturally return to nature.