3cp Bagasse Meal Tray
3cp Bagasse Meal Tray
Bagasse Meal Plates
3cp Bagasse Meal Tray
3cp Bagasse Meal Tray

3cp Bagasse Meal Tray

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These paper-free, compostable meal plates are made from sustainable sugarcane fiber - so you can feel good with every bite.  Our plant-based meal plates are sturdy, leak resistant and an excellent choice for handling foods for any occasion.

  •  Made from plants (sugarcane)
  •  Ultra sturdy & leak resistant.
  •  Certified compostable



Absolutely, you can confidently utilize these disposable meal trays for your children's parties. They are an excellent option for any gathering due to their disposable, compostable, sturdy, and leak-proof nature. Enjoy your dining experience without any environmental concerns.

These adaptable sugarcane meal trays are perfect for serving a wide array of meals on different occasions. They are an excellent choice for events and parties, capable of accommodating hot, cold, or oily foods. Their durability, leak resistance, and microwave-safe qualities ensure a worry-free dining experience

Indeed, our Sugarcane meal trays are resistant to water and safe to use in the freezer, ensuring you can enjoy dishes with sauces or gravies without concerns about leakage.

Biodegradable and compostable are interconnected concepts yet with clear distinctions. Biodegradable items disintegrate into harmless components due to microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Conversely, compostable products undergo a transformation into organic material, water, and carbon dioxide, enhancing the nutrients in the soil during the decomposition process.

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