Disposable Wooden Spork
Disposable Wooden Spork
Eco friendly Sporks
Disposable Wooden Spork
Disposable Sporks
Biodegradable Sporks

Disposable Wooden Spork

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Our premium quality sporks are designed to be ultra-strong for all your dining needs. Made from birchwood, 100% plastic-free and compostable. A 100% eco-friendly choice for our eco-warriors.

  • Ultra-strong
  • Made from birchwood
  • Certified compostable


Birchwood sporks are crafted from birchwood, a hardwood sourced from birch trees. They are certified compostable and eco-friendly.

Yes, Birchwood wooden sporks are 100% plant based and certified compostable, so they are eco-friendly. They are also free from all kinds of toxins and chemicals making them one of the best choices for you and your family.

OfCourse! Birchwood sporks are water repellant as well as heat resistant, so they are suitable for cold foods as well as you can enjoy your hot biryani without any worry.

Birchwood disposable wooden sporks are dual functional and make it easy for various dining options. You can enjoy your favorite dessert, hot biryani and several other items by these Birchwood sporks.

Biodegradable products means that the products will degrade due to the action of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi etc., whereas Compostable products means as anything that can biologically degrade during composting, producing water, CO2, inorganic compounds, and biomass at a rate like other compostable products, without leaving any noticeable, harmful, or observable residue.