5cp Disposable Bagasse Meal Tray
5cp Disposable Bagasse Meal Tray
Eco friendly Meal Plates

5cp Disposable Bagasse Meal Tray

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These paper-free, compostable plates are made from sustainable sugarcane fiber - so you can feel good with every bite.  Our plant-based plates are sturdy, leak resistant and an excellent choice for handling foods for any occasion.  
    • Made from plants (sugarcane)
    • Ultra Sturdy & leak resistant
    • Compostable



These Bagasse Meal Trays are made of bagasse fibres which are produced during the processing of sugarcane. They are completely environment friendly and compostable so you can enjoy your meal without harming the nature.

Yes, these trays are microwave-safe, making them suitable for reheating food. You can heat them up at up to 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

Absolutely! These disposable and compostable trays are certified and free from chemicals and toxins. They are 100% based on plant and biodegradable as well compostable so they will leave no harmful effect on our environment.

Definitely! These plates are designed to hold liquid and hot as well as cold foot items without any leakage. Their sturdy-built quality allows them to resistant to any leakage.

Indeed, Sugarcane bagasse meal trays are not only biodegradable but also compostable. This means that after decomposition, they leave no harmful residue, enriching the soil's nutrients in the process.