Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo Cutting Board
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Bamboo Cutting Board
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Bamboo Cutting Board

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Cutting boards that cut down on deforestation. Made from 100% certified organic bamboo. Our chef-grade organic bamboo cutting boards are durable, extremely sturdy, resistant to scarring with a wood like look and feel. They will remain gentle on every kind of cutting board knives. But don’t worry, no trees were harmed in the making of these cutting boards. Instead, they’re made from ultra-sustainable bamboo, which regrows much faster than trees. A 100% eco-friendly choice for our eco-warriors.

  • Extremely durable, chef-grade
  • Free of toxins and chemicals
  • 100% bio-based
  • Made from bamboo


Extremely Durable

Chef-Grade Quality







Light Weight

Certified Compostable


Yes, EcoSoul’s Bamboo Cutting Board is versatile in nature and is used in cutting all types of foods, including meat, vegetables, fruits and bread. Cutting Board is gentle on knife blades and resist retaining odors or stains effectively.

Absolutely! Bamboo Cutting Boards are water resistant as well as heat resistant. Additionally, due to bamboo's inherent antibacterial properties, these cutting boards ensure hygiene and food safety upon contact.

Yes, Bamboo Cutting Boards are environmentally friendly. Bamboo, being a quickly renewable resource, renders these boards a sustainable option for those who prioritize eco-conscious choices.

Bamboo Cutting Boards are made from natural bamboo, a durable and eco-friendly material celebrated for its sustainability and antimicrobial qualities.

We offer several variants of Cutting Boards and it's completely your choice which size you want to order. Mentioned below are the dimensions of the Cutting Board: 1. Medium: 12x8x0.75 (in inch), 30x20x1.9 (in cm) 2. Large: 15x10x0.75 (in inch), 38x25x1.9 (in cm) 3. Extra Large: 18x12x0.75 (in inch), 46x30x1.9 (in cm) 4. Set of three (Small, Medium, Large): 9x6x0.75/12x8x0.75/15x10x0.75 (in inch), 23x15x1.9/30x20x1.9/38x25x1.9 (in cm)


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