Bagasse Plates | 10” Round
Bagasse Plates | 10” Round
Bagasse Plates | 10” Round
Bagasse Plates | 10” Round
Bagasse Plates | 10” Round
Bagasse Plates | 10” Round

Bagasse Plates | 10” Round

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These paper-free, compostable plates are made from sustainable sugarcane fiber - so you can feel good with every bite. Our plant-based plates are sturdy, leak resistant and an excellent choice for handling foods for any occasion.

  • Made from plants (sugarcane)
  • Ultra Sturdy & leak resistant
  • Compostable


Strong & Sturdy

Uncompromising Quality




Microwave & Oven-Safe


Certified Compostable


We offer a wide selection of bagasse plates, available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from round or square shapes and select sizes ranging from 6 inches to up to 12 inches based on your preference.

Yes, these disposable biodegradable plates are freezer safe. They are also leak resistant so you can store them is freeze without any worry.

Yes, these plates are the best choice for formal events, weddings, Puja, Birthday parties etc., because they are compostable and eco-friendly. You can enjoy your event without any guilt.

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This is a 10-inch plate so you can serve your dinner, lunch, breakfast of your choice on your plate. Check out the image for a better understanding of the size of the plate.


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