Plant-Based Party Cups, Transparent, 16oz
Plant-Based Party Cups, Transparent, 16oz

Plant-Based Party Cups, Transparent, 16oz

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Planning a house party? Make it planet-safe with our plant-based party cups. Made from PLA (also known as cornstarch), these cups are certified compostable and contain 0% plastic. With a 90-180 day back-to-nature guarantee, these party cups are here to help you sip your beverage in style without harming the planet.


This party pack includes all your party essentials to make your party planning hassle free. The products included are: a. Compostable Round Plates: 11-inches Round with 3 compartments (10 pcs), 10-inches (10 pcs), 6-inches (10pcs). B. Compostable bowls: 150 ml (10pcs), 350 ml (10pcs) c. Birchwood: Spoon (20pcs), Fork (20pcs) d. Compostable Cups: 20pcs e. Compostable straws: 10pcs f. Napkins: 30pcs

Absolutely! These party packs are plastic free, and plant based. They are biodegradable and compostable, so they are completely eco-friendly. All the products in this party pack are also free from all kinds of toxins and chemicals

This party pack is your all-in-one solution for various gatherings, pujas, birthdays, and other events. It includes all the essentials you need for any party. These products are sturdy, disposable, and compostable, enhancing your dining experience.

Absolutely! You can serve the food of your choice in this party pack. It's suitable for both hot and cold food, allowing you to enjoy oily and gravy dishes without worrying about leakage. The products are sturdy and can hold all types of food. The napkins are super absorbent, and you will also receive a complimentary compostable trash bag.

Composting is the natural process in which the products are converted into organic materials, co2 and enrich the nutrient value of the soil. Our products are also compostable so whenever you choose EcoSoul product Earth says Thanks.