Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml
Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml
Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml
Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml
Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml
Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml

Palm Leaf Bowls | Round 5” 200ml

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These bowls grow on trees! Made from ultra-sustainable, naturally-fallen palm leaves — you can feel good with every bite. The durable, wood-like feel won’t buckle under pressure, so you can fill your bowl with firsts, seconds…and thirds. Plus, each one has its own unique variation in texture and color (compliments of Mother Nature).

  • Durable, yet lightweight
  • Leak-proof and sag-proof
  • Certified compostable
  • Made from naturally-fallen palm leaves


Smooth Edges

Strong & Sturdy

Uncompromising Quality




Microwave & Oven-Safe


Certified Compostable


Certainly, our palm leaf bowls are entirely derived from plants and free from chemicals. Unlike bowls crafted from paper or plastic, these bowls exhibit remarkable sturdiness and durability. They can efficiently contain both hot and cold dishes and complement curry foods exceptionally well. Additionally, they are microwave and freezer safe, ensuring versatile usability.

The palm leaf bowls offered by EcoSoul are crafted from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves. These leaves undergo a process where they are gathered, cleaned, and left to naturally dry. After drying, they are meticulously hand-stretched and flattened. Finally, they are carefully shaped using heated presses to achieve the desired form.

These bowls are round and can hold up to 200 ml of liquid food items. They are best for serving desserts such as sweets, ice cream, or dips. Their sturdy build allows them to hold both cold and hot food items without any issues.

We provide a diverse selection of palm leaf bowls, available in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from round or square shapes and select the appropriate size ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches.

Certainly! We're delighted to inform you that our palm leaf bowls are completely safe for use in microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators! You can heat them up to 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes without any concerns.


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